Ranger Diary


28 October 2015

Our notorious Elephant twins are fat and healthy, and being sighted quite regularly (although very camera shy). They were seen again yesterday crossing the Pongola River from one side of the reserve to other and were in a playful mood which created a wonderful opportunity to get some beautiful images of them. The level of the river is low at the moment, due to the current drought situation in the Province, and they regularly cross from one side of the reserve to the other.

There must be “something in the water” (as they say) here on the Game Reserve, as normally in nature both Elephant twins seldom survive due to natural competition between the two for mothers milk in their early years (normally only one survives). In nature it is “survival of the fittest”; well both these two youngsters must be very fit as they are doing extremely well. Well done to mother Curve for taking such good care of them.