Ranger Diary

September 2015

September 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter


The month of September officially signalled the end of cool and crisp early mornings. Instead the days were warm and humid, with temperatures rocketing into the high twenties well before twelve in the afternoons. We therefore officially welcomed back the “true” Pongola weather which we are so well known for but still occasionally struggle to come to terms with.


The month did however deliver some blessings; we had a few days of rain during the month. No torrential downpours came our way, but the rain that did fall provided every living organism with some welcome and much needed relief from the dry hot days.


As a result of the rain, there has been a marked improvement in the condition of the reserve.  The trees have finally started to show off some of their magnificent greenery again and there are also a few patches of earth which were barren a month or two ago which have sprouted a beautiful “carpet” of grass (very short and patchy grass, but never the less it is grass).  


Once again the game sightings were plentiful during September, with elephants being spotted regularly, (in or next to the river on most occasions). Buffalo and general plains game were and still are flocking in their hundreds to the river.  This creates our own version of the East African Great Migration, with animals gathered around the river in huge numbers and the stunning green and nutrient rich flood-plains serving as a back-ground, this truly is a sight to behold.



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